Startup culture introduced a lot of change to our traditional workplace by normalizing open office plans, free food fun, break rooms, and flexible schedules. Part of these perks are a way to compete for the top talent, but they also serve as a way to keep their current employees happy, encouraging them to stay with their company for the long haul.

But now that companies like Fb (Facebook), Google and HubSpot have grown up, moving past their startup nature, they have started taking employee benefits a step further, offering huge benefits to their workers.

Explore these 10 tech companies which offer employees at least one benefit that flies in the face of traditional employee benefits.

#1 AirBnB’s travel credit :


Rated by Glassdoor as best company to work for, AirBnB offers each employee a $2,000 yearly travel credit, which they can use on AirBnB. Employees can enjoy the site they work for, using that stipend to stay in an AirBnB rental anywhere in the entire world.

#2 Hubspot’s sabbatical :


Hubspot is ranked 4th on Glassdoor’s list of best places to work, this company offers no shortage of unique employee perks. Reviewers on Glassdoor have mentioned free subscriptions to Kindle Books program, beer on tap & even a nap room as just a few of the unique perks at HubSpot. But the most impressive benefit at HubSpot is its sabbatical program, which gives workers one month paid leave once they reach their 5-year anniversary with the company. Isn’t it crazy?


#3 Facebook’s paternity leave :

Facebook was among one of the early tech startups that helped popularize free lunches, onsite gyms, commuter reimbursement and unique office spaces. But as the company has grown, and as Mark Zuckerberg’s family grown, this tech giant recently brought its employee benefits up a notch. After taking his own extended paternity leave, Zuckerberg also decided to do the same for his employees, extending the maternity & paternity leave to four months that new parents can take anytime during the entire year after their baby’s birth. Not only this, but Facebook also gives employees $4,000 after they have a baby to use on anything for their new child.


#4 Netflix’s parental leave :

If Facebook made headlines for its generous paternity & maternity leave, Netflix has one upped them by offering new parents an entire year to take as much time off as they need to. During that year, new parents can choose to work for a flexible schedule, part-time, or not at all, but will still receive their full salary and all corresponding benefits.


#5 LinkedIn’s wellness credit :


LinkedIn offers a lot of same benefits as other tech companies; employees can enjoy free food, free healthcare, pet insurance & on-site fitness, and employees generally seems happy, with a 4.7 rating on the review site Glassdoor. But LinkedIn takes its dedication to employee wellness even further by giving each worker an amount of $2,000 a year to be spent on their wellness activities like massages or fitness