Google Photos is the best way possible today to store your personal/professional photos and taking benefit of their availability across different devices — and now with the holiday season upon us, potential for generating lots of family, friends, trips, etc. photos are at an especially high level. But the GOOGLE PHOTOS service is far more than being just a virtual cloud locker.”Google photos” application has oodles of features, options and possibilities for viewing, managing and manipulating your digital memories.

So, take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to scan through the tips TECHFORBE have compiled here, and make sure you make the most of this free, Google Photos experience


Getting around

1. Move through Photos faster than before with the available keyboard shortcuts: if your are on desktop website, press Shift-? to see a list of all the available commands.

2. Find out the Photos view which works perfect for you using this way : In the mobile “photos” app, try pinching in or pinching out on the main gallery to make thumbnails of your collection smaller or larger. You can choose any one out of four beautiful different views.

3. Apart from changing your view, also pinching can help you roam around throughout the Photos mobile app.

4. Not liked the “pinching” thing? Don’t worry, photos mobile app also contains hidden “swipe-based” shortcut, use it this way : While viewing your image in full, just swipe up or down on the mobile screen to jump back your main image list. Isn’t it easy? & interesting 😉

5. When you’re using the scroll through Photos on your smart-phone and want to directly jump to a specific date, use “quick-scroll” icon on the right side of your screen. Then just use your by moving up or down to fly back in the time even faster.

6. The next time you wantt o select a collection of consecutive photos from your smart-phone, don’t do the usual one-tap-at-a-time boring thing. Instead, use the new “photos” way of doung it : touch your finger to your first photo and keep pressed until it becomes highlighted, then — without lifting — drag your finger down or up to quickly select the entire set of images.

7. We all know the options “DELETE” (dangerous one sometimes) As, you may discover once that you deleted a photo just by accident. NOTE it down now : “Photos” has a secure “Trash” folder that’s pretty accessible via this app’s main menu. Every axed (accidently or intentionally) image stays there for a time period of 60 days and can be just recovered with a couple of clicks. Isn’t it life saving for your memories? 😉Fuchsia

Searching and discovering

8. One of the “Photos” app’s greatest strengths is its image-sorting auto intelligence. You can use the app’s search bar at top of the app to find your favorite photos based on all the sorts of terms like — season, month, location or even objects or any general theme.

Some example interesting search term ideas to help you get started:














blue (or any other color — just give it a try!)

Note that if you have never used Photos app in your smart-phone before, it may take a little while for the newly added images to start appearing in “photos” searche.

9. Are you kindaa who prefer browsing over freeform searching? If yes, then you can go to “Albums tab” (can be accessed on left side of the desktop site or at bottom of the mobile app) and then look at carousel at the top to scroll up through common terms specific to your desired collection.

10. Google Photos is super-smart, as it can also help you find the images based on person who appears in them — even if the app doesn’t knows every person’s name. How to use this? Just go to the “Albums” tab & select “People”. You will see a list of the faces from your collection. If you want to to search for someone by their name, just tap his/her face, then select “Who is this?” and put in any name or nickname you like. That name will then start appearing whenever you start typing those first few letters (of nickname’s) into the app’s search bar.