Microsoft’s Surface Studio was one of the surprise hits in 2016. It was a sort of a one-two punch that arrived same week that Apple released new MacBook Pros to the mixed reaction. Microsoft had seemingly come into its own as producer of serious hardware for content creators.

dell canvas
Dell previewed its own solution shortly thereafter by way of quick online trailer. When we met with company other week, just ahead of CES, however it was to point out that Canvas is more than just a Dell Surface Studio. It’s culmination of a few years worth of vigorous development that came to fruition thanks to the Microsoft’s recent creator-focused push.

And there are some key differentiators present here. The most important being, very interestingly, that unlike Studio, the Canvas isn’t a standalone all-in-one. Instead, it is something akin to giant Wacom tablet. It’s more of an interactive touchscreen display that is designed to be paired with an another large display.

The Canvas is, indeed, quite massive – it’s a big 27-inches (with a QHD of 2560 x 1440 resolution) and ways 18.5 pounds. So, you know, not exactly a lap-friendly tablet. Instead, its the thing mean to be placed on desk in front of the display – real estate usually reserved for keyboards & mice and an assortment of snack food crumbs.

dell canvas

The tablet has a kickstand, but that only props it up to about a 45-degree angle – it’s not wholly convertible like Studio. Though, adding to comparisons to that of Microsoft’s offering, the Canvas features a Dial-like peripheral (containing  a stylus) – two of them, in fact, at different size. Though, Dell’s only works when it’s directly on top of product, rather than while sitting off side.

Check the video below to experience the beauty of DELL 27 =>

It’s got a sharp display, covered in anti-glare Gorilla Glass – a good thing, since this product is designed to face directly up toward lights. It also has some pretty massive bezels, which Dell says are there by design
As with the Studio, it is nice to see companies trying something new, though any success the product has extremely dependent on pricing. After all, Dell will be trying to convince all creative professionals to try something completely new here. Thankfully, the company’s got a pretty good track record of keeping costs down.