Can you answer these 20 difficult questions asked in Google interviews?

We all know that its a dream come true, if an engineer gets job in GOOGLE. It has been ranked by job-community website, Glassdoor as ‘best workplaces’ year after year, since a last few years. Many job aspirants aspire to enter just once in Google but getting one seems to be one of the toughest assignment according to Glassdoor.

We are already aware of this that Google takes on board only best talent available throughout the world and therefore it is well known for asking difficult or tricky interview questions. If you are from an engineering background and want to try your luck once at Google, this post is created just for you. Here we’ve compiled our list of some most difficult questions asked during job interviews at Google for a variety of job profiles.

Check below :

      1. Question for a Software Engineer : Implement a binary tree and explain it’s function.

    1. Question for an Associate Product Manager : What is the marginal cost of a gigabyte in Gmail?

    2. Question for a Software Engineer : Create a cost model that allows Google to make purchasing decisions on to compare the cost of purchasing more RAM memory for their servers vs. buying more disk space.

    3. googleQuestion for a Software Engineer : Write an iterator over multiple collections.

    4. Question for a Software Engineer : How do you check if a URL is bad really fast in Google server. (The point is for the user not to notice the lag in the checking)

    5. Question for a Senior Software Engineer : Develop a solution to convex hull and state its complexity.

    6. Question for a Senior Software Engineer : How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?

  1. Question for an Engineer : If you were given the land prices in the Bay Area, what would you pick, the mean or the median? Why?

  2. Question for a Product Manager : What happens from the point when you type in a URL in your browser to the point the page gets displayed?

  3. Question for a Product Manager : If you host a celebrity website which displays ads and suddenly notice a drop in traffic to your site/clicks on ads, how do you root cause the issue?