Google is believed to be working on an entirely new operating system, but apparently no one knows much about it, that whats it’s for. The project name is heared to be Fuchsia. It currently exists as a growing pile of code on well known repository Github and on search giant (Google’s) depository. This upcoming operating system holdsĀ a number of interesting features, but so far, we are still waiting to hear Google’s official comment on its extended function. As far as we know about Google’s new operating system is that this looks like a brand new fresh start, because “Fuchsia” does not use the traditional Linux kernel. Linux was a core basic code that underpins both Chrome and Android OS of Google.


FuchsiaSo, what really is this Fuchsia? There have been a number of people suggesting about this. Some believe that it could be used to unify Android and Chrome OS into one operating system (last year, this plan was rumored), while some others say that the new OS could be used to provide power to hardware like Google’s Onhub router or some other third party IOT (Internet of things) devices.



We get some clues when explored Fuchsia’s code. Like, the brand new OS is built on Magenta, a “medium-sized microkernel” which is itself based on a project designed to be used in embedded systems, known as “LittleKernel”.


However, the Magenta kernel housed in Fuchsia can do a lot more than only power a router. Google’s documentation says itself that this software “targets modern phones & modern personal computers” that use “non-trivial amounts of RAM and “fast processors”. It depicts that Magenta supports a few advanced features, consisting different user modes and a new “capability based security model”. Apart from this, there are also further evidences of the facts that Fuchsia is lot more than just for WiFi connected advance gadgets is, Google already have its IOT (Internet of things) platform. Also, the new Google OS includes extended support for advance graphics rendering.

So far, this is just a speculation of Techforbe team as collected information through various sources, Github and the search giant, Google itself. The only real description of “Fuchsia” is what it have on the top of its Github page, which says : “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System by GOOGLE)