Jade Nourishment Items: A Sample of Home Desserts Home

Sweet Dream Starts

“I both brought forth my second kid Alvin and the sweets making business twenty seven years prior.”

Effectively raising both the Patigayon youngsters and dealing with her locally established business was a serious “sweet pleasure” for a business visionary awardee, Mrs. Fe I. Patigayon of Jade Nourishment Results of Brgy. Sumilihon, Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte, Caraga Area, Philippines.

“Manang Fe” Patigayon (as she is affectionately called), director and a mother of five; Joselito, 29; Alvin, 27; Julie Ann, 19; Joe Fe, 17 and Jade, 10 years of age submissively shared how her “binangkal making” vocation in Manila during the mid 80’s brought forth her multi-million worth of sweets fabricating business today-two many years of experience that brought please not exclusively to her yet the kids who cherishes the delights of Jade Nourishment Items.

‘Binangkal’ Creator

“Linya na nako ang pagluto ug desserts, binkga, bud-body ug uban dad. Ako’y nakasunod sa iyang ability” (It has been our family’s’ energy to cook rice cakes and indulgences. I was the person who followed the strides of my mother who was exceptionally talented in cooking local delights).

Manang Fe, in her mid 50s remembered how she got related with the “desserts” business. “Binangkal” creator (neighborhood biscuit like delicacy covered with sesame seeds which is a well known delicacy in the Visayas and Mindanao locales) ko niadto sa Manila. Nagsugod ko ug partner sa pagluto, selling ug mag ‘back ride” dad sa engine sa akong amo niadto. Nainteresado ko nga nindot man diay na nga negosyo” (I was a ‘binangkal’ (a plunge seared round bread covered with sesame seeds) producer in Manila. I began as an assistant and sold the bread back-riding on a motorbike with my boss regular. At that point I got intrigued with the business and imagined that the business was acceptable).

Love Is Better

A year after Fe’s profession as a ‘binangkal’ producer and conveyance right hand, she returned to the territory and met Joe Patigayon, a sweets assembly line laborer in Talamban, Cebu City. After arrangement of ‘sweet’ romance lastly finished in marriage, the couple chose to relocate and settled in Brgy. Tagabaca, Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte in the Northern Mindanao, where their five kids grew up. Since Brgy. Tagabaca depended more on horticulture, Manang Fe wandered into cultivating to help the family’s needs. Be that as it may, since the necessities started to develop and her craving to be a business visionary developed strongly also, she at that point thought of returning to making desserts and indulgences as an elective work to expand the family’s pay.

Thousand Peso Capital

“Kami lang duha sa spouse ko sa pagsugod sa negosyo. One thousand pesos lang amo puhunan niadtong 1982 ug wala pa’y buwan ako anak na si Alvin” (My better half and I began with only a thousand peso capital last 1982 when my child Alvin was scarcely a month-old). It was in Langihan (Salvador Calo Open Market), Butuan City where she previously offered her products in discount cost to various retail locations. Following quite a while of providing and working together in Langihan and with a sizable number of “sukis” (esteemed clients) Jade Nourishment Items turned into a by-word in the neighborhood showcase.

As the business developed, Manang Fe chose to liberally hand-over her Langihan “sukis” to one of her esteemed customers who in the long run turned into a wholesaler of Jade Nourishment Items herself. When inquired as to why she expected to surrender her esteemed clients to different business visionaries, she just grinned and stated, “Gipabor nako sa iya ka’y naluoy man ko. Hinuon na-a dad man ko’y nabilin. Ang resulta, nahimo nu-on nako sila nga mga merchants.” (I allowed my esteemed client the chance to have the distributorship business. Consequently, it gave me significantly more wholesalers).

Small Capital

“Pangitaan nako ug paagi nga makaya ra nila (clients) ug palit ako baligya. Ache masa ug tag piso-piso ra.” From the “piso-piso” (a peso worth of sweets) of Jade Nourishment Items, Manang Fe had the option to send her kids to class until her oldest child Joselito moved on from school and is presently helping the business as the organization’s Associate General Trough and responsible for the tasks. Joselito deals with the organization’s activities as well as runs the engine pool and hardware support of their administration conveyance vehicles. Jade Nourishments “presyong masa” (mass-based cost) truly made ready to help the family’s requirements for instruction and backing to the Patigayon kids. Really, Manang Fe raised a locally situated business as well as the venture created products of productive youngsters also.

Maternal-Approach Plan of action

“Gibalayan gyud nako‚Ķ” (I gave lodging help to them) (as Manang Fe was alluding to one of her dependable representatives). “Makatabang ko, mabuhi ko, mabuhi pud sila” (I can enable, I to live and they will live too). Dili nako gustong sulohon ang tanan” (I would prefer not to get everything), she submissively replied.

As a mother, Manang Fe can’t resist the urge to think past how she can think about her representatives particularly the individuals who have been working with them for quite a while and helped her strolled the way to an effective venture.

With a bunch number of full-time and low maintenance laborers (re-packers), Manang Fe doesn’t just compensation their pay rates yet in addition gave non-wage advantages, for example, giving them free load up and dwelling help as advantages. Moreover, a portion of the standard representatives were given lodging help which they are just required to pay the expense regarding an “information” (portion premise).

Much the same as a mother thinks about her kids, Manang Fe deals with her esteemed representatives. Her parenthood the executives style came about to dependability from her representatives and in the long run improved their personal satisfaction.

Love Your Neighbor

Consistent with what the Book of scriptures says, “Love you neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:32), Manang Fe exemplified an existence of a cherishing and liberal neighbor by furnishing them with free transportation benefits now and again when they required help particularly during crisis circumstances.

At present Manang Fe has extended her business from cultivating, fabricating and dealing with their open utility jeepney. At whatever point there is a requirement for crisis transportation help, Manang Fe is consistently there to loan some assistance to her neighbors in the midst of necessities – complimentary.

“Nabuhi mi ani (locally established business) ug nakatabang pud ni ug dako sa uban labi sa mga nanay nako nga silingan”. (We survived a locally established business and it helped us a great deal even our neighbors).

At present, Manang Fe isn’t just engaged with network administration to her neighbors by giving free rides however she additionally gives them open doors for employment particularly to the jobless moms. Jade Nourishment Items representatives involve both blue collar workers and additionally “pakyaw” (piece-rate) laborers.

From a capital of One Thousand Pesos (Php 1,000) in 1982, the organization’s gross deals are currently evaluated to arrive at a fourth of a million consistently! From its incredible development, really the Scriptural guideline of cherishing our neighbors delivered products of gifts to the Patigayon family.

Business visionary of the Year

“Advance mi sa pabayad ug amo mga commitments (like Philhealth. Para ra man pud sa akong kapamilya ug mga empleyado ko and pagbayad ug ensaktong balayranan. Maka-gather man gud mi ug benefits, doble-doble pa.”(We consistently pay are laborers’ government disability premiums ahead of time, in actuality we do surpass giving different advantages to them).

When asked how’s her inclusion with government offices, for example, DTI and the LGU and her perspectives as a business person towards the organizations’ help to Jade Nourishment Items, Manang Fe gladly answered that they’re effectively taking an interest and advance in paying their commitments and commitments both to the neighborhood and other government line offices.

As a locally established venture arranged amidst a provincial barangay, only here and there do we discover a business visionary as professional dynamic in viewpoint like Manang Fe about her disposition towards supporting the administration particularly through installments of commitments and commitments simultaneously seeing how it can support representatives and the undertaking consequently.

No big surprise, Manang Fe’s exertion was in the long run perceived as the “Gawad Business visionary” awardee from the “Tulong Sa Tao Task” initiated by our nation’s previous President, Fidel V. Ramos last 1997 in association with DTI Agusan del Norte.

From that point on, the acknowledgment she got roused her more to be of help to the administration’s projects particularly on pioneering advancement ventures composed by the nearby Branch of Exchange and Industry and other related government organizations.

Jade Nourishment Items to be sure pleased its clients as well as turned into a motivation to other locally situated business visionaries in the network.

Sweet Dreams Never Stop

At 54 years old, Manang Fe, an honor winning business visionary, satisfied mother of five gainful kids, strong spouse and a lady who persevered through the snags of life despite everything fantasies about creating and extending the matter of Jake Nourishment Items at a similar tine proceed with her cultivating exercises in spite of the rapture she’s presently encountering.

She’s not just worried about simply the benefit side of the business yet now designing for sharing her gifts more to the family and network.

She imagined being a motivation to the maturing locally established ladies business visionaries in Butuan City. Her job support is for the locally situated ladies business visionaries and jobless moms to help their family’s’ pay by being progressively beneficial and not depend on give outs or obligations. Manang Fe affectionately shared, “Mag-tuon pud sila (particularly the housewives) ug negosyo, dili kay mag-sige ug utang, mubarog sila sa unsa’y makatabang sa ilang kaugalingon ug pamilya.” (Housewives need to figure out how to be business visionaries and not continue obtaining cash or be obligated).

As a fruitful lady business person, Manang Fe despite everything longs for greater quality time with her family.

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