1) YouTube VR (Gear VR, Daydream, Cardboard, Web VR)

YouTube has surprisingly a robust collection of VR experiences that span from high production content to fast and furious user generated content. You can just fly wingtip-to-wingtip with the Blue Angels, swim with Great White Sharks, or stand on the stage of Hamilton while the cast of the hit Broadway show sings a version of “Wait For It” all around you.

Check the video below to experience a glimpse of it

2) Batman: Arkham VR (Playstation VR)

While Playstation VR offers a significantly less interactive experience than the room scale VR, Batman: Arkham VR on PSVR is a super compelling VR experience, the reason is that you get to suit up and fight crime as Batman, yourself. VR’s ability to create “presence” for someone in extreme real, or fictional, environment is uncanny, and before you know it you’re throwing Bat Stars, flying Bat Wing and battling Gotham’s crime rings just like original Batman.


3)  Rec Room (Oculus Touch HTC Vive) / Best Social VR

Rec Room’s high CGI design & relatively intuitive user controls encourages natural social experiences by bringing people together to play the simple schoolyard games. While social is in fact, a secondary focus of experience competitively playing games is the first it is the social interactions that really stick out as the best that I have seen yet in the VR. In other experiences where social is the primary focus, too often you can get a cold start problem where people or avatars are standing around with little to do, or litle to talk about. It becomes really awkward and strange not leaving the user with most warm experience. Whereas, in Rec Room, users can uickly get into the competitive games of Dodgeball, Paddleball or Paintball, where intra and postgame conversation leads to natural interactions.