Laptops with Intel Core i3 & i5 provide reliable speed at affordable cost. But if you want laptop which offers top end performance, you need to look at laptops having an Intel Core i7 processor in them. Even among other brands, the category of i7 processors clearly stand out as one of the most powerful processors that modern machines offer. Best Intel Core i7 laptop are also generally equipped with the state of art SSD hard drives, high level of RAM, and all other workings of top quality computing technology. So, Let’s first look at some important things to consider when looking at those i7 laptops, then you’ll see TECHFORBE’s compiled list of top 9 best Intel Core i7 laptops in year 2016.

Worth the Prices

The i7 processors do it all. They are better at the multitasking, doing heavy office work, playing top of the line games, and editing on the one of the best video editing laptops. Core i7 processors are made for those who usually grumble when their computers shuffle.

It’s on the Core

The key to the Core i7 desktop CPUs lies within their quad-center processors. The terminology revolving the core names can be confusing. Nehalem uses three-digit model names, like the Intel Core i7-920 where “920” is its model name. Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, and Broadwell CPUs use four-digit model names, (for example, Intel Core i7-5500). You are likely to see Ivy Bridge processors if you’re in the market for best budget laptops. But it is usually Haswell or Broadwell processors in most of the new PCs. The main point is that generally a higher model number means a newer processor.


The Cache Matters

Core i7 processors feature large caches to help processor manage heavier jobs quicker, like the ones in those best graphic design laptops. This is a huge help in the case you’re editing video or working in large spreadsheets or MS-word documents. The computer works fast. Bigger cache sizes also help with the multitasking, since all information for your background tasks can be reserved into the cache.

Gimme that Turbo Boost

Turbo Boost is the overclocking feature that Intel incorporates within its processors. Basically, it permits the processor to run faster than its already set base clock speed when only a couple of the processor cores are required, like when you are running a single threaded assignment or running games on your best gaming laptops. Core i7 processors use Turbo Boost by accomplishing their higher clock speeds.


The Hyper-Threading Innovation

Intel Hyper-Threading uses multithreading technolgy. Hyper-Threading is now becoming more common on today’s best performance laptops. The least complex multi-threading example is the scenario when you are running a few programs at a same time. Hyper-Threading can make it seem like a six-core CPU can use 12 cores.

Coordinated Graphics for Best Viewing Experience

It goes without saying that a newer processor usually means stronger performance in your heavy games. But this becomes even more important with recent processors because of the technology of how processors are incorporated with PC has changed since those old days. If you aren’t restricted by budget, then modern Intel i7 laptops will show you a massive leap forward in performance of your games.

Here we have listed the compiled list of BEST CORE i7 LAPTOPS FOR YEAR 2016 :