WhatsApp Passcode Protection

As per user security reason WhatsApp may plant a new interesting feature “WhatsApp Passcode Protection” in the near future. That’s really a good news for WhatsApp users that soon there will be a new update in your Play Store or App Store with Six digit passcode protection feature.

These details were picked from a text translation program for WhatsApp where some lines were translated as ” Enter the six digit passcode” , ” passcode don’t match. Try again” and ” Enter a recovery email address”. These lines are enough to estimate what’s coming next in WhatsApp features.


It’s clear from the text translations, every WhatsApp user have to enter their email address while configuring six digit passcode in the app. You can’t set this feature without entering a valid email id in it to prevent permanent lock out from their WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Passcode

But there may be two conditions in this features setting. First, it’s mandatory to use six digit passcode in new updated WhatsApp and you have to enter a valid email address in it.

Second, it’s optional to use six digit passcode protection feature and you don’t have to enter any email address in WhatsApp. Just a valid mobile number would be enough to generate a one time security code for your account verification.

WhatsApp Passcode Protection

WhatsApp provides various important and interesting updates to its users time to time with new features everytime. Like encryption feature to protect users messages from another unwanted touch. Unfortunately, this time we don’t have any official confirmation regarding this new feature release and when it will roll out to its users.

Stay tuned for further updates on this topic….!